Cooperation. Concern. Community.

From personal and commercial banking, to investing and borrowing, BDO understands the unique grassroots nature of credit unions and their place in Caribbean communities.  We pride ourselves on offering practical advice from both local and international resources to effectively serve cooperative societies.

Our Advisory Services team is committed to delivering a combination of insight and expertise to support Boards and their committees in monitoring the operations and financial strength of credit unions.  That is why we integrate technological solutions with our technical expertise to deliver exceptional client service.  This allows us to present meaningful information to help drive change in the most critical areas of a credit union's operations.

With an extensive global network that spans over 150 countries, we have the resources necessary to provide exceptional, hands-on service and real-time guidance.  Keeping on top of the latest industry issues, and depending on the challenges being faced, we can deploy one or more of our distinctive solutions to help you along your journey: